What does success mean to me

(My english topic)

I live in a beautiful city. I am happy because I have a good family, job and friends. Sometimes I ask myself – “Am I successful?”

In Russian the word “success” derives from the expression “to be on time” or “to catch the train”. I think you can be successful if you tend to study something new every day. If you are open to the World all the time. Success is a comprehension of daily victories.

Sometimes people confuse a notion of a successful person and a rich person. Certainly, success includes well-being. But it is possible to earn good money and to be dissatisfied with life. Success is inside you. If you don’t like your job — money cannot help you to be happy. If you are not happy – you are not successful.

I guess that success also includes the fact that you have interesting job which enables you to develop day by day. When I set myself a goal and achieve this goal, when I realize my plans, I feel very successful.

Also, as for me success means respect for the people. If I do my work perfectly and it helps other people — it is the indicator of my success. I am happy when my work is appreciated, when I am useful and people need my advice.

In my opinion success is the performance of tasks. For example, you begin the project and you realize it up to the end. Then you or your chief or your colleges can see the results which you both like.

I understand that in order to be successful it is necessary to communicate with different people. Successful people are not those people who have a lot of money, but those who have good friends, business partners, excellent relations in a family.

A successful person has noble goals, calmness in heart, money of course…. In general all that brings good things to him and to others.

What does success mean to me? If I wish something in my life I want my wishes come true. That’s why I like to be well informed. I don’t pretend that I understand all in politics or in business. But I do my job well, I learn English, I meet different people and when I set myself an goal I achieve it. Of course I want to be successful and I will try to fulfill all my requirements I have mentioned above.


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